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2721 S. 10th Ave., Suite 103
Caldwell, ID 83605
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Fruitland Office
1950 N. Whitley Dr.
Fruitland, ID 83619
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Patient Testimonials

"Thank you so much for your great work on my teeth—everyone I meet cannot help but comment on how great my teeth look! I wish you all the best in future endeavors as you continue to create beautiful smiles from Caldwell to Ontario."

Sage M.

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and all the wonderful women on your staff. We appreciated the great service and care that you gave to our daughter. Your kindness won't be forgotten!"

Norm & Judy R.

"I really appreciate you and your staff's caring work and awesome attitudes. Your office made my orthodontic experience a great one. I love my smile and it couldn't have been done without you and your beautiful staff. I will definitely be referring you to everyone I know!"

Cecelia G.

"I have been so pleased with your office! Also, the staff, just everyone, have been wonderful, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, caring,--the BEST! Thank you so much! Now that we're about done with braces, I won't see you as often, and that actually makes me sad! God bless you and everyone!!"

A Happy Mom

"I am very pleased with this office. Everyone is so friendly, and even if they aren't working on your child, it's always a smile and "hello, how are you?" What most impresses me is that everyone is concerned with not only the teeth, but what else is going on in your life. It is a wonderful, caring office. Keep up the good work!

Marilyn W.

"I'm just so pleased with our experience here. The staff is amazing! Everyone is so friendly, and you can tell that you all enjoy your job. We wish we could come here for all dental care, not just orthodontics. Thanks for being so great!!

Deana M.

"Thank you, everyone for making my teeth straight—I'm loving them so much. Thank you for not being the kind of dentist that I thought you would be—(scary)!"

Karly C.


"I've been wanting to email you for awhile with a bit of news that I think will make Dr. Webster happy.  Elliot was voted "Best Smile" by his classmates for their Senior yearbook.  Why this is noteworthy to us and possibly you all, is the fact that Elliot had very "jacked" teeth, to quote Elliot.  Amazing.

We continue to be so happy with the work you all did with not only Elliot, but all of our kids.  We, and they, are grateful.  Thank you!

Mary Kay K.